Project Management

Effective project management is a commitment of the highest priority at Philandra Consulting. We recognize that one of the most important investments an organization makes to ensure the continued success of its business is the procurement of quality systems solutions that meets or exceeds business requirements.

Because of the critical nature of system implementations in today’s competitive environment, superior project control has become one of the greater challenges facing systems integrators. Realizing some time ago that our technical skills were among the strongest in the industry, Philandra Consulting set out to meet the project management challenge head on. We believe that exceptional technical ability, combined with excellent project control, places Philandra Consulting in a leadership role within the Solutions/Integrator industry.

Philandra Consulting Project Managers act as single point of contact for the duration of each project to ensure on-time, on budget delivery. The application of project management principles to our customers enables Philandra Consulting to:

  • Establish measures of success
  • Enable customer focus and alignment
  • Quantify value commensurate with cost
  • Optimize the use of resources
  • Incorporate quality principles
  • Put strategic plans into practice
  • Ensure fast time-to-market

Project Management at Philandra Consulting is a key corporate objective for the company and customer loyalty is directly related to a satisfactory engagement and support experience. This is a "Best Practices" activity at Philandra Consulting and the company attributes a significant portion of its success to achieving a high customer satisfaction score. The measurement of customer satisfaction helps Philandra Consulting to:

  • Provide highest level of service to all Philandra Consulting customers
  • Maintain long term customer relationships
  • Improve overall level of service delivered to all customers
  • Measure employee delivery service levels

Philandra Consulting strongly emphasizes the importance of implementing a system for delivering proven solutions to the customer using “Best-of-bread” products. The value proposition for project management is that it takes time and effort to proactively manage a project. This cost is more than made up for over the life of the project by:

  • Resolving problems more quickly
  • Not working in areas that are outside of the scope of the project
  • Resolving future risk before the problems occur
  • Communicating and managing expectations with customers, team members and stake holders more effectively
  • Building a higher quality product the first time

Time is of the essence and there are great financial impacts on both parties when a project is not properly managed. Its Philandra Consulting’s responsibility to plan, manage, monitor and report the progress of a project in accordance with the customer’s specifications and requirements as well as to ensure the delivery of a project that is of the highest quality, on time and within a set budget.

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